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Our dedicated team of specialists are here to help you choose the most suitable furniture for your dining room. From room layouts and seating configurations to material selection and colours, we are here to assist you in making a choice that will suit your taste and serve you well for many years to come. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists when you visit the store.

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Caring for your Dining Room Furniture

Do not place furniture near heat sources or air conditioning units. Avoid changes in humidity and especially steam. Always leave a gap behind wardrobes and wall units to allow air to circulate. Protect furniture from strong or prolonged sunlight. Avoid marking furniture with sharp objects, for example when using a ballpoint pen. Carefully lift your furniture, never drag or push it. Do not rock backwards on dining chairs.

Always follow fitting instructions for wall-fixing, glass surfaces and shelves. Uneven floors could give the impression that doors of wall units and wardrobes are out of alignment, so be aware of this and compensate if necessary by adjusting the hinges or packing a corner to level the item.

Do not place hot dishes, cups or plates onto any cabinet or table top - use insulated mats as protection. Don’t overstrain drop flap stays and hinges or place heavy items onto glass shelves. Take care not to drag crockery across the wood surface or to put heavy items on the surface without protection.


With wood products the best way to deal with scratches is to employ the services of a professional polisher.

Wood products

Due to the beauty of natural grains and tones inherent in real wood each piece will have its own unique character and variation in colouring. No two pieces can be the same. The depth, shade of colours and grain pattern will vary from item to item. With exposure to light, all natural wood will mellow in colour. Therefore new items may be a different shade to older items or other panels in the same item, but over time the shades will blend together. 

Due to this effect it is important that for the first few monthsany objects placed onto a top surface are moved around and that dining tables are kept extended if possible to ensure a more even mellowing. This natural mellowing process is most aggressive in the first 3 months of exposure to natural light.

Regular and easy-care maintenance

Gently dust your furniture and polish with a soft, lint-free buffing cloth. The colour of real wood matures with exposure to light, so it is important to move ornaments regularly and expose table leaves to avoid noticeable colour differences occurring. Never use silicone or wax polishes that leave residue on surfaces. Only use good quality wax-free furniture polishwhich is recommended by the manufacturer. Changes in temperature, atmosphere and moisture content will cause movement in furniture. This has always been an inherent characteristic and is not a manufacturing fault.

If you need any additional help or advice, feel free to call in or telephone us to speak to one of our advisers.