Sherborne - Lift-and-Rise Chair Collection

Available in Fabric and Leather

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Sherborne are an industry-leading Lift-and-Rise Chair manufacturer. These chairs not only help you out of the seat, but can also lower you back into the seating position. All chairs are discreet and also act as a normal recliner as well, to guarantee your comfort. Choose from the full selection of Sherborne chairs, as the lift and rise function can be applied to any model! 

- Sherborne's Lift-and-Rise Chairs are available in a choice of sizes. It is important that your feet remain on the ground as the chair lifts, so it is crucial that you find the right size for you.

- Operate the chair using a clear and intuitive handset, which sit in a side-mounted pocket.

- Single Motor Chairs have one motor for all functions - the footrest will have to be fully elevated before the backrest reclines.

- Dual Motor Chairs have one motor for the footrest and lift functions, and a separate motor to individually operate the backrest.

- All Sherborne power transformers contain two 9V batteries, so that the chair can help someone out in the event of a power cut.

- An integrated rechargeable battery option can be specified, removing the need for cables to be plugging into the furniture at all times.

- Choose from castors or glides, depending upon your flooring, to ensure the chair doesn't move around excessively when in use.

- Optional lumber adjustment is available on all Sherborne Lift-and-Rise Chairs, operated by two extra buttons on the remote.

- These chairs are supplied with removable backrests, making deliveries much simpler! 

- When you purchase your furniture from Sherborne, you are buying quality, from respected furniture-maker with over 90 years of experience in their field.

- All Sherborne furniture comes with a 5-year guarantee, covering all electrical components, actions and frames.

- Match your Lift-and-Rise Chair to your Sherborne suite with ease! Be sure to view the full range of Sherborne models

- Footstools, arm-caps, neck pillows and the like are also available to order to accompany your new Sherborne furniture - please see 'Sherborne - Accessories'

If you require any further information, about this range or any other, please do feel very welcome to contact us and ask a member of our helpful sales team!